Why Ukraine?

For business

  • ·        Ukraine is characterized by a high level of scientific and research developments in many fields of science and technology, and by the presence of significant scientific and technical potential. There are more than 2 thousand scientists and engineers per 1 million of residents in the country, which according to the International Advertising Association (IAA), give Ukraine the 22nd position in the ranking of 88 countries. Ukraine has also a high rate of Internet usage per capita;
  • ·        Ukraine is among the group of leading countries regarding the number of educated people. In terms of the number of scientists and engineers per capita Ukraine belongs to the first 25% of leading countries. The ranking of Ukraine in the Human Development Index of the United Nations is much higher than average. In the report of the World Economic Forum on Global Competitiveness Ukraine ranks the 19th position among 60 countries in terms of mathematical and scientific education. In addition, it belongs to 30% of countries with the most amounts of the highest grades in intermediate school

For individuals

  • Since 2014 Ukraine is actively moving towards European integration. An Association Agreement with the EU was signed by the Ukrainian government, numerous reforms are currently implemented. Ukrainians are enthusiastic about living in Europe and share European values.
  • Through its glorious millennial history Ukraine boasts numerous attraction sites from ancient churches and cathedrals to medieval palaces and fortresses. More than 150 thousand historic, cultural and architectural landmarks reflect the history of the Ukrainian people.
  • Each tourist can choose an optimal route according to own interests: natural reserves, historic sites and museums, modern city, getaways in the mountains or at the seaside, and even a gastronomic tour of Ukraine since Ukrainian cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world.

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