About the project

The main purpose of creating our project is to provide information and advice to all foreigners who are going to visit Ukraine, or are already in its territory.

This assistance can be provided for foreigners who have business interests (or problems) in Ukraine and foreigners who are in Ukraine on private matters.

We have prepared for each of these categories specific information sections. They  are also supplemented by news and reference information that may be useful for foreigners in Ukraine.

Information in this site is inexhaustible, because the field of legal and social relations in Ukraine is regulated by quite voluminous and complex legislation. Therefore, experts will prepare and give all the necessary information for you according to your request.

Besides information and consultancy support, we can help you to get practical assistance on all aspects of services, which can be found in section  "Services"

If you ask for a concrete service, we will organize support, almost in every region of Ukraine.

Depending on the type of services, we will offer you the assistance of our partners who will provide it efficiently, in a convenient form and language of communication (as a rule English).  

If you need a service which is not listed, in a short time we will try to find a specialist or firm in the right place in Ukraine who can performe it.

This project was created on the structural basis and professionals of The Union of Tax Advisers of Ukraine.

The Union of Tax Advisers of Ukraine was founded in July 2001.
The main purpose, is a number of practical tasks to improve Ukraine's tax system, and the actualization of the tax policy. Its branches are in almost every region in Ukraine.

In the Union are authoritative experts in the fields of finance, economics, accounting and law, which are presented by scientists and skilled practical workers with experience on the issues of accrual and payment of taxes and fees.

Specialists of The Union of Tax Advisers of Ukraine are involved to the working committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

Representatives of the The Union of Tax Advisers of Ukraine, are members of The Council of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine and also of Public Councils at the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine and The Ministry of Finance.

Since 2013  The Union of Tax Advisers of Ukraine has become a full member of The Confederation Fiscale Europeenne (CFE)

The aim of CFE is - to facilitate co-operation in all areas which are of common interest to tax advisers in Europe, both inside and outside the borders of the European Union..

The CFE (Confédération Fiscale Européenne) was founded in 1959 and today embraces 26 national organisations from 21 European States, representing more than 100,000 tax advisers.

Members of CFE regularly exchange information about national tax laws and contribute to co-ordination respectively of tax law in Europe and International Community.