Our advantages

  • On our site you will find enough information that will allow you to understand the legal framework of Ukrainian law.

    This information will be useful both for business and for people who visit Ukraine on private matters.

    In the “References” you will find contact information of public institutions and organizations, and private firms, services or assistance of which you may need during your stay in Ukraine.

  • Our basic task is to help in the practical organization of providing services to foreigners.
    Among the offered services there are consulting, auditing, legal, real estate and others.

    You can order and receive information about your Ukrainian counterpart, who is a legal person or individual.

    Based on the experience and connections of our tax advisors, we will do our best to find for your needs the most qualified and experienced company.

  • In case of a necessity to obtain a service which you cannot find in our list, we will try to find in a short time, a specialist or firm to accomplish your need in the right place in Ukraine.

    In the nearest future we will create a Call-centre, which will help you in extreme situations to get information and solve the problems that have appeared during your stay in Ukraine.