Despite various mixed economic and political processes taking place in Ukraine, it remains economically attractive country and still has a right to put claims to foreign investment.
According to the data received from State Statistics Service of Ukraine for 2014 Ukraine has received 2 bln 451,7 mln dollars of direct investments (private equity) from investors.
The general amount of acquired investments to the economy of Ukraine as of December 31, 2014 amounted to 45 billion 916.0 million USD and as per capita basis constitutes 1072.0 USD.

According to the report, investments were received from 131 countries. Since the beginning of investment the EU countries contributed 35 bln 575.5 mln USD of investments (77.5% of total share capital) and other countries invested 10 bln 340.5 mln USD (22.5%).

The top countries-investor, accounting for almost 83% of total foreign direct investments, include:
       Cyprus - 13 bln 710,6 mln dollars,
       Germany - 5 bln 720,5 mln dollars,
       The Netherlands - 5 bln 111,5 mln dollars,
       Russian Federation - 2 bln 724,3 mln dollars,
       Austria - 2 bln 526,4 mln dollars,
       Great Britain - 2 bln 145,5 mln dollars,
       Virgin Islands (British) - 1 bln 997,7 mln dollars,
       France - 1 bln 614,7 mln dollars,
       Switzerland - 1 bln 390,6 mln dollars and Italy - 999,1 mln dollars.

The industrial enterprises hold about 14 bln 817.1 mln USD (32.3%) of direct investments, financial and insurance activity institutions accumulate about 11 bln 537.4  mln USD (25.1%)  while 6 bln 019.2 mln USD (13.1%) belong to the wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles companies; the organizations engaged in real estate transactions hold 3 bln 804.4 mln USD (8.3%) and those operating in the field of professional, scientific and technical activities have 2 bln 837.0 mln USD (6.2%).

In view of the above mentioned indices, the issue of investment attracts a wide attention of investors. Having this in mind, this information block elaborates on the key issues of investment in Ukraine. Here you can read the information on foreign investment registration, the main form of investments, tax risks incurred by a foreign investor, order of corporate securities purchase or purchase of shares in the authorized capital of a company, etc.