Stock market of Ukraine

Activity at the fund market is regarded by many investors as one of the most perspective directions of investing. In comparison with the countries of Western Europe the stock market of Ukraine is not marked by high liquidity and is more changeable than its foreign analogues, however for the last financial year it is characterized by significant growth. Thus, the volume of the investments attracted to  the economy of Ukraine through the stock market instruments, according to the National Securities and Stock Market Commission, in 2014 has increased by more than a half and makes 217,25 billion UAH.

There are available shares for trading in the stock market, as well as state and municipal bonds of internal loan, bond of business organizations, treasury obligations, savings certificates, state and compensation certificates, residential checks, investment certificates, bonds of external loan. At present time, the most popular financial instruments are  government bonds, with which the security transactions are carried out.

Today, 9 exchange stocks function in Ukraine. As of 2015 security trading generally takes place in three major financial grounds: "Exchange stock " Perspective" (PAT “Fondova birza“ Perspectyva) JSC, "Exchange stock "PFTS" JSC (PAT ”Fondova birza“ PFTS), "Ukrainian exchange" JSC (PAT “Ukrainska birzha”).

The main indicator of the Ukrainian stock market today is the PFTS Index, that settles accounts on the prices of the 20 most liquid shares of  enterprises traded on this exchange. It should be also mentioned about the Index UX - Ukrainian stock index that is the major indicator of trading on the Ukrainian exchange. Both indexes are the basic indexes of financial market condition of Ukraine.

List of emissions (free float), that accessible for the wide circle of investors on the stock exchange of PFTS here.

List of emissions (free float), that accessible for the wide circle of investors on the Ukrainian Stock Exchange here.

It is worth noting that all operations carried out on the stock market are regulated by the state through its  specially created body - National Securities and Stock Market Commission (NSSMC(NKCPFR)). It issues licenses for realization of activities in this market, regulates the co-operation between its participants, and also  provides  state control over the issue and transaction of securities and their derivatives.

For protective purpose of rights and legitimate interests of private investors, the NSSMC(NKCPFR) provides the consideration of complaints against the actions of other stock market traders and, in case of need, takes appropriate measures in order to rectify violations discovered.