Tax system

Here you can briefly get acquainted with the tax system of Ukraine, which is a combination of state and local taxes and charges imposed in the prescribed manner under the Tax Code of Ukraine and other legal acts.

To the state taxes belong taxes and charges imposed by tax legislation and mandatory for payment on the entire territory of Ukraine.

To the local taxes belong taxes and charges,imposed according to the list and within the limited rates prescribed by tax legislation of Ukraine, decisions of village, town and city councils within their authority and are mandatory for payment on the territory of the relevant municipalities.

In addition, tax system of Ukraine provides two forms of taxation - general and simplified. Both legal entities and individual entrepreneurs have the right to choose the option for them.

General tax system provides the payment of all taxes and charges stipulated by tax legislation of Ukraine, depending on the presence of certain objects of taxation.

Both individual entrepreneurs and legal entities can be subject to the simplified tax system, but it has some limitations in activities, number of employees and amount of income of the business entity.

 In this section here are presented main points for determining the taxpayer, object of taxation,taxable base, tax rate, reporting as well as specific points relating to non-residents, for each payer of taxes and charges.