Ministry of Infrastructure, Chinese trade association sign memorandum on cooperation

The Ukraine Ministry of Infrastructure has signed a memorandum on cooperation with the Chinese trade association that will provide its experts to plan the strategy for Ukraine's participation in the New Silk Road.

Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelian writes on his Facebook.

"We have signed a number of cooperation documents, including a memorandum on cooperation between the Ministry of Infrastructure and Chinese trade associations" a statement said.

The memorandum was signed on December 3 during the international forum "Bridging Europe and Asia" that was held in the southern port city of Odesa.

Omelian noted the Chinese partners are ready to provide their advisers to plan strategical objectives for Ukraine and goods traffic volumes on the road from China to the EU via Ukraine.

"The Chinese partners are ready to make available their best experts to work out strategy and traffic volumes so that businesses could clearly predict their investments in Ukrainian infrastructure, logistics and production," said the government official.

As previously reported, the transport and logistics operators in Turkey, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Georgia have agreed to ship cargoes from China to Europe via Ukraine.

By Ukrinform