Pavlenko: Share of domestically produced food in retail reaches 98 percent

The market share of Ukrainian food products in domestic retail chains has reached 98 percent.

Minister of Agrarian Policy Oleksiy Pavlenko made a statement greeting workers with the day of food Industry worker, the agriculture ministry reports on the website.

"The share of the domestically produced food in retail chains of the country has reached 98 percent. This is your achievement," said the minister addressing the workers of the sector.

According to Pavlenko, production of most food staples in Ukraine has significantly increased in the last 10 years. Plant oils production has- nearly quadrupled, sausages production has doubled, meat and cheeses has tripled. Food industry generates 10 percent of the gross domestic product.

Also, according to Pavlenko, almost 50 percent of agricultural exports Ukraine comprise food and food processing.

Food producers are in the top five industries that contribute most to the budget and in the top three in terms of sales. The food industry provides jobs for over a million Ukrainians and it is a leader in obtaining foreign investment.

By Ukrinform