Ukraine is not only a hospitable country, famous for its history and sublime beauty, but it is also a students centre which proposes a qualitative and affordable education for all willing to gain knowledge. That is why an amount of students in the higher institutions of Ukraine increases every year.

A system of higher education in Ukraine is good developed and presented by numerous education establishments which prepare leading specialists in a wide variety of fields of knowledge.   

Ukrainian education is highly regarded in the world society and is open for development.  In native universities there are good teams of professional lecturers thanks to which students succeed both in theoretical but practical knowledge.

The major advantages of studying in Ukraine are:

   • a high level of education;
   • a reasonable price for education;
   • a worldwide acceptance of Ukrainian education;
   • 100 % receipt of visa for foreign prospective students;
   • learning the Ukrainian/Russian language with native speakers;
   • bright students life;
   • gained experience of living in a foreign community.