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Why Ukraine or Advantages of Investing in Ukraine

  • Ukraine is characterized by a high level of scientific and research developments in many fields of science and technology, and by the presence of significant scientific and technical potential. There are more than 2 thousand scientists and engineers per 1 million of residents in the country, which according to the International Advertising Association (IAA), give Ukraine the 22nd position in the ranking of 88 countries. Ukraine has also a high rate of Internet usage per capita;
  • Ukraine is among the group of leading countries regarding the number of educated people. In terms of the number of scientists and engineers per capita, Ukraine belongs to the first 25% of leading countries. The ranking of Ukraine in the Human Development Index of the United Nations is much higher than average. In the report of the World Economic Forum on Global Competitiveness, Ukraine ranks the 19th position among 60 countries in terms of mathematical and scientific education. In addition, it belongs to 30% of countries with the most amounts of the highest grades in intermediate school.
  • Payment for labour in Ukraine is much lower than in highly developed countries (as of March 2015 the average monthly wage in Ukraine was about 160 EUR (3,863 UAH));
  • The Ukrainian market is huge, as of March 1, 2015 about 43 million citizens (excluding the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol) and it is growing rapidly. Relative unsaturation of the Ukrainian market after breakup of the USSR and less competition level makes it quite promising for the foreign investors;
  • According to evaluation of the IAA, Ukraine belongs to the first 16% of the countries, which have paved roads, to the first 37% for the use of electricity and to the first 43% for the level of telephone penetration (199 lines per 1,000 people, excluding mobile communications);
  • Ukraine has an advantageous geographical location (between Europe and Asia, between North and South Europe) and a direct border with the European Union. Quite stable production and technical ties with the enterprises of CIS countries, Baltic states, which have emerged in the previous years and have kept their value during the market transformation of the mechanism of mutual cooperation, make Ukraine an attractive stepping stone for the development of the markets of neighbouring countries;
  • Ukraine has the considerable reserves of many kinds of raw materials (coal, iron ore and manganese ore, sulphur, mercury, titanium, uranium, granite, marble, mineral salts, gypsum, alabaster, etc.) and the corresponding mining and transport infrastructure;
  • Ukraine has one of the richest and the biggest fertile soils in the world, so-called black soils. Almost 25 percent of the world's black earth is situated in Ukraine (excellent opportunities for agribusiness);
  • Ukrainian corporate tax and individual income taxes are the lowest in Europe (with the possibility of switching to a single tax system);
  • In 2008 Ukraine joined the World Trade Organization;
  • Ukrainian climate is very favourable for conducting any business (there are no tornadoes, tsunamis, droughts, dangerous insects, and natural disasters).