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Tourist field

Through its glorious millennial history Ukraine boasts numerous attraction sites from ancient churches and cathedrals to medieval palaces and fortresses.

More than 150,000 historical, cultural and architectural sites reflect a long and interesting history of Ukraine

Each tourist can choose an optimal route according to own interests: natural reserves, historic sites and museums, modern city, getaways in the mountains or at the seaside, and even a gastronomic tour, because Ukrainian cuisine is one of the most delicious in the world.

Treatment in Ukraine

Ukraine in the contemporary world level owns whole branches of medicine.

For example, most Ukrainian reproduction clinics own modern equipment, higher and middle medical staff, resulting in a treatment at the level of international standards. Similar successes demonstrate ophthalmology and dentistry.

The cost of medical services in Ukraine, in most cases, is much lower than the cost of similar treatment in other countries. This leads to the fact  that in Ukraine, foreigners and Ukrainian diaspora prefer to treat teeth or to improve eyesight .

Since 2014 Ukraine is actively moving towards European integration. An Association Agreement with the EU was signed by the Ukrainian government, numerous reforms are currently implemented. Ukrainians are enthusiastic about living in Europe and share European values.

The country is actively developing and moving forward. One can say with confidence that Ukraine is the youth of modern Europe.

Welcome to Ukraine!