Kyiv is the vibrant capital of Ukraine. It is also the cultural and scientific capital of Eastern Europe. New growth in the generation of tourism has people from all over the world drawn to the city’s rich culture and history, architecture, and lush greenery. Since the city has so much to offer, we have compiled the top 10 reasons to visit Kyiv in Ukraine.

  1. You can do a tour of Chernobyl

You’ve seen the movies, documentaries and Netflix series about it. But travel to Kyiv Ukraine, and you can see this notorious destination first-hand! It’s your chance to see the ghost town of Pripyat in real life.

  1. It has the world’s deepest metro station

Kyiv travelling and commuting is much ‘deeper’ than you think. Using public transport may be the standard procedure for locals. However, tourists will find one particular metro station to be pretty exciting. It’s located almost a whopping 106-metres below ground.The positioning of the metro station is a result of the Dnieper River being where the entrance is, which obviously became an obstacle in the design of the station.

  1. It’s home to delicious, authentic Ukrainian cuisine

A trip to Kyiv is guaranteed to be an experience to remember for your taste buds! Ukrainian cuisine is complex, hearty and delicious.When in Kyiv, try out borscht (beetroot soup), chicken Kyiv, Salo (pork fat usually enjoyed on rye bread), varenyky (filled dumplings), perepichka (sausage fried in the dough – a popular street food), and horilka which is Ukrainian vodka – you can even try chili-infused vodka!

  1. There are almost 1000 palaces and churches to explore

Kyiv is an old city, with archaeological traces dating as far back as the 5th century. The grandeur of its golden-domed cathedrals and churches make it an exciting destination for architecture buffs. The city itself has religious roots and is a central spot for Orthodox Christians. One of the most impressive cathedrals is Saint Sophia Cathedral, built to rival Hagia Sophia in Constantinople.

  1. You can admire the eclectic mix of architecture style

Kyiv is home to a unique and diverse mix of architectural styles. Studying the city’s architecture is a great way to see the history of the city, paved along its streets.
Kyiv is home to a monastic complex that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s called the Pechersk Lavra complex, a religious compound that holds a lot of value for Eastern European Christians. This is because, along with the gilded and golden domes, it includes the city’s oldest Church and a Ukrainian Baroque Bell Tower. There are also some man-made Subterranean caves beneath the surface of the complex that can be explored.
As a whole, the city is distinct in its buildings’ designs, including Ukrainian Baroque, Art-Nouveau, and Soviet Futurism.