So, you have finally decided to go to Ukraine, but you are not sure what time is better to come here and whether the climate will be comfortable for you.
Ukraine is located in the central part of eastern Europe, at the intersection of transport routes from Europe to Asia and from the Scandinavian countries to the countries of the Mediterranean region.
In the southern part, the country is washed by the Black and Azov Seas, and in the west are the Carpathian Mountains.

Accordingly, the climatic location of Ukraine is quite comfortable, with floating seasonal transitions winter-spring-summer-autumn.
Therefore, if a hot, summer climate is more familiar to you, then summer vacation in Ukraine, somewhere in the south, for example, Odesa, is more suitable for you. The first months of autumn are pretty comfortable here, often warm, and allow you to enjoy the sea season.
In winter and spring, we advise you to visit cities such as Lviv, the Bukovel ski resort (especially suitable for snow lovers), and the rest of the western part of Ukraine.

Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, will be great to visit at any time of the year, it all depends on what kind of weather you prefer.

In any case, we look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful country and will be happy to help with your first journey from start to finish and make it unforgettable.